Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Green green grass
Our homes, be anywhere in the world can only look clean and nice with green green grass environment.Even in a land scarce country like this tiny little red dot island city state nation where its government build homes in housing estates very similar to pigeon holes.And they are side by side to office buildings and factories where companies are on top of one another.Yet a nation can never be popular and well-known in the eyes of the international communities without building some kind of wonder to be remembered in time similar to the Pyramids, the Eiffel Tower and the Great Walls of China.So its government decide before its oldest mentor minister dies with age, to honour him by building an integrated Casino Resort, the Marina South Promenade and the Natonal Stadium Promenade.

As all these are in the building-up process, the people have never forgotten building-up along their spiritual comforts of good luck, fortune and prosperity.You can see them burn on the grass to appease the spirits as not to be angered when their places of nature is destroyed for the sake of progress.They also put dirty bins to cover up a little for some places they burn.At the same time they spread out paraphernalias of items for offerings all along the green grass.

If these people believe that their Gods ask them to burn to appease them, then their Gods should also tell them to clean up before they leave but that never happens.Instead they all walk away from the burnt rubbish like they did nothing wrong.

God Almighty create everything clean and nice for humans to facilitate and bring comforts to their lives but these people would readily say that every where they go supposed to be dirty.And they readily accept that the few people who clean up their rubbish are paid with their money.This acts of selfish pride only prove that these people are becoming like Satan who have promise to God Almighty that he will always go against God's laws and rules, with his words- "Rules and Laws are made to be bend or broken".

With these acts of burning and rubbish all along the nice, clean green grass that God made for humans, they deserve to be punished with tortures in Hell !